Marketing Solutions

Digital Strategy

We propose KPI and clear objectives for a digital action plan that builds for the brand a profitable and solid connection with its customers.

Discover, map and work with the contact points to reinforce the user’s link with your brand

Search Marketing

We work with our own methodologies and contrasted in the two major areas that make up this area: SEO and SEM, trying to establish synergies between both to always maximize our current visibility in search engines at a total level.

SEO and SEM: search engines tell us that they are looking for users and where to find them.


Analytics plays a key role in all the projects we develop, quickly identifying the winning elements, the weak points and the great opportunities. ON ALL THE GREAT OPPORTUNITIES

User Experience

Our mission is to help brands connect with their consumers in each of the contact points of the purchasing decision process and, in turn, build lasting relationships between them through research, UX / UI design and the creative use of technology.


We seek a balance between the needs of users and business objectives.

Social Media

Through our own methodology, focused on the needs of the user, we work to make the brand’s ecosystem a useful tool to capture and generate business in the digital environment.


The contents created with empathy and thinking about the user manage to position the brands in a different place. Content that, if shared, creates a community. They inform, entertain, participate and loyally, creating pride in the consumption and belonging of the brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready for the change?

In our day to day the only constant is change. Technology has modified the behavior of users: how they think, how they read, how they buy and how they relate. The new habits of consumers demand new tools, technologies and dynamics to be able to better understand each client, group, consumer, thus detecting what is relevant to their immediate needs and offering them the most appropriate product for each moment.

The digital world offers you daily opportunities to transform your company, product or service, and adapt them to the new reality of the consumer. At JJXFILES we help you identify them, working collaboratively to transform your business model through analysis, experience and technological innovation.